Last week's moonbow is coming!

Last week's moonbow is coming. Excuse me later in the UP.
Machida has aiko at the moonbow,

Okinawa has nene day before returning to play for coming.

This time, moonbow has lined up with the
crazy shell art to choose to come.

The next day, moonbow photo with HP's up to us.
aiko's friends took it. Thank you for your beautiful take.

Here, moonbow has centered on a Hippie*
patchwork of objects in the fun and warmth of handmade
products to introduce to you the kind of shops*



The other day**

Matsuda's sister and the kids coming *

The two good friends*

mama has a necklace, and select*

Thank you very much*

With his sister at the original coordination in the coming.

Colors of clothes and accessories is a very nice suits*

Old and new combination of good volume*


Matuda sister @ key chains & Anklet to the bangle.

Anklet to the bangle.

This is the key chains. Shine came.

A very good day.

Far from the downtown train has come for us Matsuda family.

Thank you very much***



Cutie PIKA @ Dog tag*

See PIKA's dog tag.

* sleeping 

PIKA there is a very unfussy*

PIKA docks tag is to rubber-neck.

It wears a rubber match in a moment.

If you want meet PIKA ,

you go check OneLife store*



Necklace @ Maki *san

published by the sweet *

Falls in love at first sight of her in touch with me.
This time, requests for repairs.

Thanks for coming *



Neclace @ Lindsay *

With her friend Lindsaysan.

Lindsaysan is a very fine selection of decorative necklace.

Thanks so much * *