The other day**

Matsuda's sister and the kids coming *

The two good friends*

mama has a necklace, and select*

Thank you very much*

With his sister at the original coordination in the coming.

Colors of clothes and accessories is a very nice suits*

Old and new combination of good volume*


Matuda sister @ key chains & Anklet to the bangle.

Anklet to the bangle.

This is the key chains. Shine came.

A very good day.

Far from the downtown train has come for us Matsuda family.

Thank you very much***



Cutie PIKA @ Dog tag*

See PIKA's dog tag.

* sleeping 

PIKA there is a very unfussy*

PIKA docks tag is to rubber-neck.

It wears a rubber match in a moment.

If you want meet PIKA ,

you go check OneLife store*



Necklace @ Maki *san

published by the sweet *

Falls in love at first sight of her in touch with me.
This time, requests for repairs.

Thanks for coming *



Neclace @ Lindsay *

With her friend Lindsaysan.

Lindsaysan is a very fine selection of decorative necklace.

Thanks so much * *