Sea-shells from jamaica

 Jamaica of Olive shells Lei

From Okinawa

Monetaria Necklace

Nini Olive & Trivirostra 

caputserpentis Necklace

Euplica &micro shell

Cowry hairgome : Repair

 Nerita Polinices 、White Moon shell

Pierce set
cone shell, miniconech

cowry* Pierce
Astralium Pierce

Dove shell Pierce

Common Dove Shell Pierce : tip choice  two pinks 

White Moom Shell Flower Top Necklace 

White Moom Shell Flower Top Necklace

in mini zakuro flower

Jamaica Dove Shell Flower in zakuro flower Necklace

Jamaica × Japon amazing

Natural providence which LR makes 


 cone shell Flower in zakuro Top Rainbow Necklace

Jamaica original cone hsell  in japon

 Jamaican star Top : back side 

Dope Shell long pierce

Very delicate flower 

Euplica cross in  turquoise long Pierce

 New Pierce*

a calm hook as a dance.

Euplica cross Long Pierce*

Pierced and a Necklace have beautiful each it 

brings near and is workmanship.

Strictly, LR is faithful so that a design and work 

may suit those who use it. 

Isana, thank you which likes the sea ☆

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