Necklace and others*** @Tomoko-san

Shell who collected in person

It is the proof which took much trip.

Pyrene mamorata long Pierce

add  Zakuro Flower

Cowryshell onepoint Sukashi

Melampus flavus Flower's SET


Chlamys multistriata Pierce

In zakuro Flower

smile with an umbrella

Ellobium chinense Flower


Cypraea poraria Flower


adjuster and charm

Bivalve For its original work


Pyrene mamorata Flower Pierce

Other dressed plants

now, micro shells color it is clever, 

is divided and is designed 

The precious grain was treated to TOP

It gropes for an adjuster and a charm

Setup^ ^*

attractive juicy top

lovely charm like her 

Owner with the same heart gentle to as LR 

The No.1 athlete taught. 

Perseverance equal love

It puts carefully

We are always wrap in action and

smiling face with the persuasive power.

It is waiting for the smiling face of a 

next homecoming to pleasure ^ ^

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