Pierce & Necklace^^@Takako-san

Train is always taken for 3 hours or more

Misakiguchi Station

Much energy was carried this year. 

And the body is maintained and 

LR accessories are got for a prize.


serious that a bivalve looks for the same thing as 2

Backside Zakuro Flower

Cowry necklace from Miura 

Thank you for Takako-san♪

I would appreciate your favor next year^ ^

Kincyakugai Long Pierce

LR在庫ひとつになりました^ ^

web拍手 by FC2


来年もよろしくお願いいたします^ ^*



Micro shell Necklace @ Mayumi-san^^

The younger sister of Mayumi san^ ^

It fulfilled reunion with LR 

as if I have a shells

from the uncle carefully used to 

elder sister's 

shellwork craftsman's friend 

LR setting up of a 

Necklace to 

two persons

Nucleus Cowry Charm

Photo by mayumi-san

It is setting up to Top about the 

especially best grain^ ^♪

and micro shell of magic

Thank you for the great relation^ ^*

Please let it use shell carefully

web拍手 by FC2

Smile Necklace @ Lori-san

Reunion with the elder sister 

who has been indebted 

from LR student's time  ^ ^

The request by setting up by mongo shell 

to SmileTOP of Blasicrura

lovely dimple

The grain set of peaceful 

coloring and shell

Tapering Cowry

It is setting up while taking that 

it is a healing job 

into consideration^ ^

thank you for the order♪

web拍手 by FC2