Necklace & Hairgome @ Maki

I was divided the flowers in the garden 

in June of this year.

One day in beginning of summer

The wife 

From her husband and to your birthday 

LR Neclace of celebration.

 Yellow Cowry Shell in LR Monstera 

Shall be worn to see always the 

simple is not decorated. 

It also was consulted to be 

able to be adjusted with a string length.

It is very suits her and active mountain.

Thank you for the delicious

tangerine juice.

Self-made orange juice in Shizuoka 

their communities.

The state of the harvest in November.

LR Smile Hairgomu

After use half a year. 

Good evaluation rubber that's tough.


Unnecessary Spetch cloth

And delivered to the large back early 

fall in the crisp of sail cover of your order 

we receive in the summer.



Have a good holiday