Smile & Honu TOP Necklace @ Naomi-san

The request of the 

own pickup Shell to Smile Top


If you would like to ask you for setting up 

of a necklace with gradation like the 

pierced here.

LR offers important micro shell.

Shaving and setting up of a smile.

Pink face*

Zakuro Flower Petit

Who give the girl of twenty years old. 

The gift to the celebration of the new job this spring ☆

The necklace of worried Honu is ordered.

The first is just a simple string.

Second is setting up.

Also micro shell gathered by self.

Honu drawn on a curved surface is difficult. 

Cute Pink ConeShell

Thank you for always to a gift of the people around us. 

Honu also matched well very.

Thank you in the future^^

Nice Sunday afternoon ♪